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Living in the bubble

It will be with a heavy heart that I get on board the BA flight to London on Friday evening. I’ve really enjoyed being back here in South Africa. Sort of. We came here in mid-October and Di left for her medical consultation in London a couple of weeks ago. The update on that is […]

#livinginlondon7 (but not there at the moment)

No-one stops to look at impala The Kruger Park It took a while to get here – three days of travel – two spent on a 36 hour train journey from Cape Town that should have taken only 26 hours and then, a day long 700km drive from Johannesburg. More than 2000km in all, literally, […]


Deep into October and I’ve yet to write a word. Shame on me. It’s hard to write when you’re also having fun – which we have been. We both have birthdays in October and in recent years, have chosen to spend them in Singapore. That’s two weeks – more than most visitors spend there in […]


It seems that no sooner had I clicked on “post” for the last blog entry than I found myself at Heathrow waiting for a plane to Munchen and on to Singapore for our annual birthday frivolities. Actually, I’d had two really interesting and pleasing e-mails overnight. One came from a fellow blogger in Australia, the […]