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Lockdown. Day whatever.

For us, it’s day 5 and we’re doing OK. In reality, there’s not much point in counting because the government will tell us when the lockdown will ease and life can start normalising once more. So far, I’ve written lots of e-mails. Send one, get one back, which is always a pleasure. It’s also good […]

If you’re ever in Mexico proper…

I’m writing the beginning of this article in an AirBnB in the elegant La Condesa suburb of Mexico City. The trip is a family adventure – we might not have had reason come here otherwise. It’s a vast city – as you’d expect with more than nine million residents. And, despite all those souls, the […]

Living in the bubble

It will be with a heavy heart that I get on board the BA flight to London on Friday evening. I’ve really enjoyed being back here in South Africa. Sort of. We came here in mid-October and Di left for her medical consultation in London a couple of weeks ago. The update on that is […]

#livinginlondon7 (but not there at the moment)

No-one stops to look at impala The Kruger Park It took a while to get here – three days of travel – two spent on a 36 hour train journey from Cape Town that should have taken only 26 hours and then, a day long 700km drive from Johannesburg. More than 2000km in all, literally, […]


Deep into October and I’ve yet to write a word. Shame on me. It’s hard to write when you’re also having fun – which we have been. We both have birthdays in October and in recent years, have chosen to spend them in Singapore. That’s two weeks – more than most visitors spend there in […]