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“Half of Hackney talks to itself.” I’m waiting for a bus at the stop outside our local Lidl. This is the considered opinion of the lady next to me in the bus shelter. We’ve both been watching the antics of a man and a woman, also waiting for a bus, but passing the time by […]

Photo buddies

I’d planned to (re)post an article from DearSusan, the photo blog I contribute to, but when I opened the photographs, they were murky and not at all nice. So, if you amble over, you can see this collection in all its glory(?) If you’re missing the words, there’s more of those on the way, too. […]


  July 2019 and for the first time since the mid-70s, we’re not living in South Africa. Di got to London early in May and I arrived – dragging 40+kg of luggage – a month later.   We’ve rented a flat in Hackney, an area I wouldn’t have even dreamed of visiting in the ‘70s […]

Leaving home. Coming home.

Of necessity, this is a long post – lots of words, that is. You have my apologies up front and can do a TL:DR and scroll down to the photographic content should you want.   As you will doubtless know Di and I live near Cape Town in South Africa.   The disastrous nine year […]