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Unwelcome guests

“Oh shitting, sodding bollocks.”   The big tip-up door into the workshop has been open all night. I can’t bear to think what’s gone walkabout.   Full of angst, I enter, setting off the alarm as I do.   Bike? Still there.   Mrs P’s Audi? Still there.   Electric screwdriver? Still there.   Tools, […]

Tokyo wind-up

      Not that you’ve necessarily been gagging to hear, but Tokyo was fantastic – easily one of the most interesting and worth visiting cities we’ve seen to date. If it wasn’t so far, we’d have booked a return visit already, perhaps supplanting our long-time favourite, Singapore.   The delay in writing has been […]

Tokyo in colour pt. 1

  After last evening’s post, I got a note from a reader asking why such a colourful city was being shown in black and white.   Answer; right now, that’s what I am focussing on. I’m not forgetting the colour – I’m keeping most of those for the InSight: Tokyo guide that will be published […]

Tokyo in black and white pt. 1

  A week in Tokyo with a new camera – there’s lots to see, plenty to do and an entire world of interesting food to eat.   I’m hoping to get to the food posting shortly, but we only have three days left before the great trek back to Cape Town, so we’re making the […]

It’s just one of the oddities of travel

  “It’s weird. It’s warm and feels like someone’s just got off it.”   As ever, Mrs P has hit it on the head. Well, the backside actually.   It’s the lavvy, loo, bog, khazi, whatever. It’s the toilet seat in our Tokyo hotel room. Not only does it have an entire bathroom attached to […]