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  If the way things went at the start of this trip were a suggestion of what might happen, we should probably already be wondering what might be next. Travelling with the Pertons has always been something of a challenge and one of our journeys without some quite serious hiccough would no doubt feel incomplete. […]

Family times

  So, Laura and Julian (and Zach and Amy) are home after an all-too-short fortnight in South Africa. It was touch and go – the Beast from the East has been holding the UK’s airports to ransom for the last week and we all had visions of overnight stays for the homeward travellers in Dubai. […]

Singapore. Again.

  Our first trip of the year – Singapore. Again.   This was our umpteenth visit and while we don’t have permanent residence papers, we probably qualify for them by now.   Not that we’d be able to live here; accommodation is scarily expensive, most apartments tiny. The climate is a problem too. In addition […]