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Road Trip

“Where are you buggers now? You’re never at home.”       We’re at home. Have been pretty much since late October, save for a weekend trip to Jozi for a 70th celebration and long overdue (and in retrospect, much too short) return to the bush.   And what’s more, we won’t be far from […]

The Stockholm sojourn

  Saturday evening – Stockholm. A few minutes before 18:00 and it’s all but dark. Our last evening in the city; tomorrow, we’ll use the Arlanda Express to whisk us to the airport to check in and by 15:00-odd should be airborne en route back to Cape Town.               […]

Ottering in Oslo

  As I mentioned in last week’s post, we were supposed to be flown from London to Oslo by Ryanair last Saturday. Needless to say that was €300 down the toilet and I won’t be making that mistake again.   The vile Irishman might have chosen to indirectly punish us even further, as our self-funded […]

Travelling – the London Leg

  Photo giant, Pete Turner’s death a couple of weeks ago both reminded and encouraged me to look at what I was/am shooting a bit differently. I’m no lover of super saturated colours, but a little tweaking never hurt anyone. Right?   Plus, I find the Fuji cameras I prefer when travelling produce spectacular colour, […]