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Deep into October and I’ve yet to write a word. Shame on me. It’s hard to write when you’re also having fun – which we have been. We both have birthdays in October and in recent years, have chosen to spend them in Singapore. That’s two weeks – more than most visitors spend there in […]


It seems that no sooner had I clicked on “post” for the last blog entry than I found myself at Heathrow waiting for a plane to Munchen and on to Singapore for our annual birthday frivolities. Actually, I’d had two really interesting and pleasing e-mails overnight. One came from a fellow blogger in Australia, the […]


“Summer wevver innit. Know what I mean?” I didn’t think I’d get a local quote this time around, but waiting for our dinner in the local curry house last week, our host delivered this as he and some other guests debated the unusually balmy climate. The East London accent is viewed by the rest of […]


“Half of Hackney talks to itself.” I’m waiting for a bus at the stop outside our local Lidl. This is the considered opinion of the lady next to me in the bus shelter. We’ve both been watching the antics of a man and a woman, also waiting for a bus, but passing the time by […]